How can theOS help your Company?

Improve office productivity. Protect your Assets. Eliminate Cyberslacking.

The Internet is what makes your business run. Communications, ordering, product development - the Internet has made it all work better, meaning a stronger bottom line for your company. But while small business owners know that efficiency is the key to success, we also know it's becoming harder and harder to ensure employee productivity amongst distractions like personal email, instant messaging, online games, message boards and more. And that is why we developed The Office Software (theOS). The Office Software is a computer monitoring system designed specifically to meet the needs of small business owners who need to ensure their company is getting the most from its employees.


What theOS does

What The Office Software will do

Use theOS powerful set of monitoring tools to learn what your employees are spending their time on.


Productivity Statistics

Staff Computer and Internet Abuse Stats

58% of industrial espionage is perpetrated by current or former employees.

According to a survey, 25.5% of all workers said that work hours "Are the best time to conduct their personal activities online."